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Your all-inclusive referral company servicing
North Carolina, Florida, and around the world.

Our footprint is exceptional and our network contains some of the industry's finest sales associates in the business today.

We accept referrals direct from customers and from within our referral network members. The area or market that your client is looking to purchase or list will determine the brokerages with which your referral is placed. Our standard procedure will be to place referrals with a Sotheby's International Realty affiliate. However, we specialize in connecting customers with experienced associates so you can trust our matching services within our network or without. Our customer's experience is a top priority.

OUR MEMBERS: We provide those with a real estate license a way to earn additional income without being obligated to board membership fees. This is a great alternative to those who identify real estate as their part time job and cannot devote the time needed to cultivate their real estate business full time. Many of our members are retiring from the business but not ready to let their customer base go unattended. You may have a social network, if you are positioned amidst a stream of referral opportunities then becoming one of our "Referral Specialists" may be a great fit for you.